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-Summary: 15 years of research show that homosexuality is biological, determined by genetics and hormonal signals during development (this might sound familiar if anyone’s ever listened to me on this topic).

-Implication: discrimination against gays is thus equivalent to sexual and racial discrimination as those have also been stigmatized biological traits that were protected by law to protect minorities that obviously had no power over who they were or how they were born.

Hurrah, now the Christians have to blame God!

Havn’t we known for years it was genetic?

People don’t want to believe that though. People want to be close minded and think that anything that breaks thier little “comfort bubble” is either a sinner or “wrong” and thus should be put to shame.

NightmareGun bait extraordinaire. Not again. I beg you all.

I know I may be hoping for too much, but I hope this stops the raging antigay laws that Bush has been trying to enact.

I’m not sure it’ll change anything at all. To compare it to something entirely different, there are people who are genetically predisposed to stealing or to violent acts. It’s not their fault - but those acts are considered bad by society and hence we discriminate against them. Similarly, homosexual behavior is considered bad by particular societies and hence they are discriminated against, regardless of why it happens.

Besides, since when have evangelical Christians listened to science? These are the people who go on TV and tell us the moon landing was staged.

(and, no, I’m not saying all Christians, I’m saying the extremists who freak out over these sorts of things)

Before attributing gayness completely to genetics, one should remember that there have been societies that behaved mostly bisexually (at least among males), like ancient Greece and Japan. Even if predispositions exist, what society condemns and praises will have some influence on a person’s behavior.

“They argue that the 2% to 4% of people in the population who are gay are born that way, and this proportion does not seem to vary across societies.”

They said this, and yet they contribute “gayness” wholely (sp?) to being genetic. When they said that in their conclusion, didn’t they just totally contradic their previous statements??
Or am I just interpreting that wrong?


I’ve never heard of Christians going on TV and saying the moon landing was staged. Only crack pot conspiracy theorists. The kind Eisenhower let take pictures of him when he visited Roswell, New Mexico.

I’ve seen it just flipping past the Christian channels here. They say that it must be staged, as there is no celestial moon, just the heavens. And I was using that as an extremist example. I’m sure you can think of many more.

If what they say is true… are asteroids just Angel turds?

If it’s biological, it’s a biological anomaly that millions of years of natural selection have failed to conquer.

If this is suposed to support the argument that homosexuality is natural, the evidence is weak at best. Regardless, according to Christianity humans alone have the power to defy nature. They’re held to higher standards than the rest of nature and therefore they would be expected to conquer this “sin” no matter the cause.

Personally, I don’t give a shit. As long as I don’t have a cock up my ass, homosexuals can do whatever they want. As a Christian it’s my responsibility to love them, not to change or condemn them.

As many people have already stated, this doesn’t change a thing, really.

Edit: For the record, Bush is a useless, hypocritical excuse for a true Christian.

Thank you

How can gayness be genetic, at least in the genomic sense? It could be a genetic disorder, but it’s definately not passed on sexually.

First of all, gay men and women have had heterosexual sex for hundreds of years for fear of persecution.

Second of all, genes are a lot more complicated than you’d like to believe, Hades. The homosexuality gene is probably recessive, and therefore would mean that both parents could be QUITE heterosexual and still pass on the “gay gene” to their children. Just because both of your parent’s eyes are green, doesn’t mean that you won’t have brown eyes. It’s the same thing with homosexuality.

As for calling it a genetic disorder, that’s just really immature.

I’m sorry, but I thought this way before I was a Christian and I still do now:

A man chooses whether to be gay or not. There is no gay gene, I like women and choose not to like men in that way…ever…people can choose to like someone of their own gender. It’s their choice. i’m not going to agree with those whole, “It’s not their fault GOD made them that way!” genetics deal.

Than I’d like to believe? You really have no idea how far my knowledge of genetics exceeds your elementary notions, do you?

First of all, it doesn’t take dozens of generations to weed out any possible gay gene. It takes one, and gays haven’t been obliged to have heterosexual sex for at least five. (Edit: What am I saying? No one in history has ever been obliged to have sex period.)

Second of all, if it was recessive, the proportion of homosexual people would be far higher than a mere 4%.

It can’t be X-linked because then we’d see drastically fewer lesbians than homosexual males. Right now we see the inverse of that.

So explain to me how it can be genetic and not a disorder. I’m dying to know. I don’t mean to be offensive. I’m calling it a disorder in the strictest sense of the word.

Sin, did you post this article and write the misleading summary just to see who would actually <i>read</i> the article?