The Era of Brainchips is upon us

William Gibson might not have been so far off after all, as if they can make chips that allow people to mentally control computers…well, how far can we go from there, hm?

The article

Complete and absolute dependance on technology… then the power goes out.


Exactly, Eden. :confused: I think that making everything all technological and such will probly hurt us more in the end. But hey, what do I know.

Ehhh…I don’t know about that. It sounds cool to do stuff just by thinking, but I don’t think we’re really ready for this technology. >.>

That’s just not fair. All of us have to actually hit buttons to get a game to respond. This guy just has to think of attacking, and WHAM! I’m dead before I could click.

I think this is pretty wild. This has enormous applications in so many fields.

No thought-controlling yet. :frowning:

That’s pretty awesome… It’ll be a cold day in hell before I allow someone to shove a chip on me, but it’s still awesome.

Can I get wolvers and neural interface plugs, too?

Methinks this is very, very cool. I likes it.

True, but were we even really ready for the current technology we have now?

No…not really. >.>