The End of (movie) Days...

The top ten movie causes of world destruction and how to prevent them.

Earth Day is a time to consider the actions you can take to protect the planet. But you shouldn’t forget just what it is you’re protecting it from. So here are the greatest threats to our world according to Hollywood, along with tips you can use to prevent a global catastrophe.

The bunny-pocalypse <i>is</i> unstoppable. See it’s already taking over my signature.

Unless they come armed with plungers.

how to prevent them.
Bruce Willis

What Hades said.

Greenhouse Gases…Lamest! Armageddon Factor! Ever!

No giant monsters? I’m disappointed.

What You Can Do: Challenge Satan to a fiddle contest.

Georgia represent.

I done told you once, you son of a bitch, I’m the best there’s ever been.

Now that I’ve had more than a single minute to look over that list I can safely say that we’re got nothing to worry about. B)

Right… d<_<

And you shouldn’t count on an underground facility with 10 females for every male to keep you safe.

Oh GOD!!! We’re all gonna die. @o@/

What he said.

I STILL like bunnies :3

And do we really want to entrust the future of our species to Keanu Reeves?

I know I don’t, but can he really fend off the evil bunnies of the netherworld?!