The End of a Timeless Legacy...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internets…

Rather bloody, innit?


In Misteroo’s defense, he HAS kinda been cursed with this for years. I mean, ytou can tell he has gotten much better at animation, and yet people still want ARFENHOUSE. Granted, I was one of them who wanted to see the end, but He’s probably sick of it by now.


I laughed. It’s good to see one more bit of Arfenhouse insanity, but yeah… people need to let stuff go. I’m quite interested in seeing what Misteroo can create when he’s not bogged down by the ‘Arfenhouse legacy’, or whatever.

I missed the first five, bu tthis was pretty damned funny. Thanks, GG!

YES! Now that THIS has happened, the Naruto fillers will soon be over and Duke Nukem forever is released! I am very happy… ZOMG 14!!! LOLLOLOLOLLOLLL!!!111

Hey, Team Fortress 2 is about to be released… so it could happen.

Awesome movie, and just about as awesome as the replies.

I LAUGHED MYSELF TO PEE… not really, but i laughed much! :smiley:

snicker I love reading those.

This movie’s been a long time coming, so the only ones that could really be considered true episodes are one and two. (But the “trailer” for three is pretty cool too.)

Thank God it seems to be finished. He’s been doing this since O.H.R.RPG.C.E. has been in existance, I’m sure that he’s gotten tired of them by now. I bet you none of you have played the original Arfenhouse (I’m not trying to “spell” it the way it is supposed to), which was making fun of how fucking awful many of the games were on that engine.

I played it. 1, 2, and 3. Couldn’t get into 4, though, sicne it seemed TOO RPGish for me.

Oh, you apocalyptic cultists…

my brother is named joe…and now I have to pull that over on him.

I’m sure Misteroo was too busy “yiffing” with his “furry” “cosplaying” friends to work on this much :frowning:

The prank worked like a charm…lol