The Enchanting World of

Kitty Wigs? This is horrible. o_o (and maybe old too)

Ugh, this taints the glorious image of cats worldwide. I demand the authorities to repel this abomination from the records.

See, this is why I don’t associate with humans anymore >_<

Glamourpuss? When I become the ruler of [World/Nation/Glorious Empire/2x3 apt.] I shall be The Glamourpuss of The People. And write sternly-worded letter against people who don’t appreciate the word glamourpuss.

Sir, I do not think I will vote for you if you intend to proliferate the usage of the term “glamourpuss”. I demand reimbursement for psychological property damage.

Animal abuse is a horrible thing. :’(

Isn’t this very, very creepy on some other level?

I think I died a little inside.

Why! The! Hell! Would! You! Dress! Up! A! Cat?!

Listen, all you senile empty nesters, overly-obsessed cat people, lonely women, grandparents, and furries! Cats do not wear clothes! Cats do not need clothes! Hell, clothes could kill them! Remember, this is a creature that likes to shove its head into anything it can fit through. Those cute little scarfs? Choking hazard! Those little shirts? Cat gets stuck, no easy release, cat dies! And the wigs? Seriously? Do you know what’s IN that stuff? God help you if your cat suddenly decides to start chewing!

Look, I know you want to treat your cat like a person. I know they have stuff like needs and emotions. But they are not human. Do not treat them like people. Treat them with respect, but not like little showboaty brats. Same goes for all the dog, bird, fish, lizard, turtle, and other miscellaneous pet owners out there! Lay off!

(Sorry. I have to deal with this shit every day at work, so it kinda bubbled over. Still, this book is a piece of shit, and I hope whoever tortured their cats like this goes die in a fire.)

It is my understanding that “of The People” has little if anything to do with other people. Voting is right out.

…What. Seriously, what? You’d have to strap the thing to the poor cat’s head to even keep it on, why would anyone do that ever. People are silly. :I


…this has to be a joke. it HAS to be. worse even, note the twelve (!) 5-star reviews.

It’s not as good a product as The Mountain Men’s Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee, damn right!