The Eggening is finally approaching

Steve Harwell is finally going to Smash 24 eggs into his Mouth

When today?


Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth, after much goading on twitter and SomethingAwful goons raising 10k for St Jude’s children hospital, is going to eat 24 eggs.

1:30pm PST.

A brief history of the eggs challenge

All Star is playing before it. Except it’s completely done in the sound of chickens clucking. It is upon us.


Someone else took a bite of the eggs. Smash Mouth did not eat all of the eggs. Repeat: SMASH MOUTH DID NOT EAT ALL OF THE EGGS. It must be redone! The internet demands it!

The stream never worked my day is ruined

Probably the only bite of eggs he had during the whole event.

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