The easiest way to beat a Marine.

Well, those of you at the party know how much I like this one girl. Well, today I got a huge blow and found out that she likes this other guy. I wasn’t sure that she was over her boyfriend that died in the car accident which is why I waited so long. Now I’m depressed. I’m so depressed, I can’t even run up the hill right now. I’m not even sure what to do now. Yeah, in this state, I definitely couldn’t bring Zepp down like I did Friday. In case you are wondering why I’m posting. The paper was wrong and I didn’t have work today. MOTHERFUCKER! I’m tempted to come back up for a bit I go to work on Saturday. Thank God. Maybe it’ll help distract me. Yeah,… :too bad:

I’m smiling.

Because you’re an asshole.

The easiest way to beat a Marine.

Send Hydralisks after him.

Personally, I’m a Protoss kinda guy. If you have your zealots with the speed upgrade, the Marines dont even have a fucking chance.

Yeah? Well Hydras are still better because they can attack air! What if wriaths came? Huh? WHAT THEN!? Zealots suck, bitch.

Pfft, Bitch, I can always get my dragoons. I was just talkin’ about the basic attacking unit. Besides, my mother fuckin’ carriers and scouts would PWNZ the damn Wraiths!

Psh fuck you! 10 Ghosts and I could lockdown everything you had and then send in my fleet of 24 Battlecruisers, fuckface!

Mother fucker, if you could FIND my 40 bases, BITCH! My scouts with the aid of observers would PWNZ your pathetic ghost whores!

Have him beat himself for not having taken a chance when he should have. *Nod.

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Except Nulani .

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Use something other than pictures, smelly =\

Yeah, I agree with Hadey. Hydraz 4 life.

Sorcerer, cut that shit out. The rest, don’t be jackasses.

Some of you guys are seriously fucked up, and should go get bent.

Sorry to hear about that, Nick.