The dutch have fighter jets?,13772,1316622,00.html

Damn o_O

[Dutch joke here] [Thinly-veiled reference to TD + drugs]

Well I suppose they would, what with the proximity to Germany, and the Bad Old Days and all that. Politicians don’t change much.

Norway has those too, with a whole sixteen in operable condition!

Good thing no one was hurt and that it seems to have been a false alert.

Canada has fighter jets too…somewhere, I think.

Well, I know we <i>don’t</i> have Avro Arrows >>;

They keep them next to the warehouses full of Frooty Pops.

Does the aircraft company Fokker still make fighter aircraft?

I told you we were invading.

Invading what?

whod they get them from, nato?

Psh, Switzerland has an army. Switzerland > j00

The Swiss army has a bottle opener on its knife :stuck_out_tongue:

Ireland has drunks. Drunks are invulnerable. Ireland>everywhere else.

That is incorrect. Pushing will protect you. The Shover Robot > j00.

There’s something to fear from an army that’s resourceful enough to create one of the most widely used and carried tools worldwide.