The Dreamcast.

Well, I noticed that the DC pretty much bombed, but i’ve always been a Sega fanboy; I had a Genesis with a 32X and a Saturn. I’m also a bit of a Grandia fanboy, and DC has Grandia II on it for cheap. I’m seriously considering buying a DC and Grandia, and then expanding my games collection. My reason: it’s all a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a ps2. Any thoughts, suggestions, warnings against?

I couldn’t tell because I’m biased against Sega. But if my opinion still counts, save your money for some more time and get yourself a PS2.

Originally posted by Ren
I couldn’t tell because I’m biased against Sega. But if my opinion still counts, save your money for some more time and get yourself a PS2.

Get a Dreamcast! I may play gamecube and ps2. But when i’m actually looking for somthing fun, I’ll hook up my Dreamcast, pop in some Crazy Taxi, or some Bust-A-Move, maybe even Samba De Amigo, or Sea-Man. Best thing I ever bought, thats why I have two of them!

Charle speaks the truth- in my local second hand store they sell a DC for £15 and copies of MSR for £2 a go. The only thing stopping me from buying one is the fact that I already have one :slight_smile: and Grandia 2 owns, don’t even hesitate to think about picking up a cheap DC with a copy of it if you haven’t already got one :slight_smile:

I’ll put it like this: DreamCast > X-Box

Now, that doesn’t say a whole lot for DC, but it is a decent system. I played that wave race game, so I didn’t think it was that bad. Just different.

Buy it, but remember, don’t expect any new games to be released on it.

If you’re going to buy fighting games, MAKE SURE YOU GET SOUL CALIBER.

Get Skies of Arcadia and (if you can mod it) Ikaruga. It’s definitely worth it.

And uh…never ever buy Evolution. It’s just awful.

Go for Dreamcast. Games are hard to find, but the games kick ass. I can spend a day alternating between Jet Grind Radio, Project Justice, and Crazy Taxi.

You’d be a goof not to get it. It’s very inexpensive, and there are tons of party games on it that just DON’T get boring, like Worms Armageddon, and Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand.

My only advice is: While DC doesn’t have copy protection, DON’T play imports on it. Just DON’T. Trust me.

I love the DreamCast. If only because its controller is the best of all ages, although, it has a lot of good games too.

I reccomend you buy it.

I couldn’t tell because I’m biased against Sega. But if my opinion still counts, save your money for some more time and get yourself a PS2.

Man, what is wrong with you? He could buy 3 DCs with the money a PS2 costs
And i play my DC more than any of my systems, its got better games than half the systems out now! Trust me get a DC its definitly worth it

Man, DC and SATURN were my all time favs, due to the amount of japanese dating sims availible for them

I gotz one of those. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Round 2 is the best boxing game since Super Punch-Out! :slight_smile:

Freak E. Deke 0wnz j00r l0ul.

Wow, that’s not the response I expected! I figured a lot more people would have told me not to, but after that support, I believe i’ll be getting one:) Thanks a bunch, people:)

Get one, and get Soul Calibur. You’ll be hooked instantly. Sonic Adventure 1 is also a great game.

I never played Dreamcast, but I’ve heard plenty of good things about it. My guess is that it was simply taken out by the Sony fanboys when the PS2 came out and took over the marker (until Gamecube and XBox came out). Then again, it might have been dead even before that, considering the track record with Sega consoles…(Saturn, anyone?)

Dreamcast rocks! I was at the mall at 4:30am and I was the 2nd person to get a DC from EB when they opened up at 6 (my best friend was first in line). Here’s some recommended games to get

Soul Calibur
Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia 2
Record of Lodoss War (if you can find it)
Sea Man
Giga Wing 1 and 2
Stars Wars Jedi Knights (if you’re an SW fan and liked Episode 1)

I would say PSO but go for it on GC. If you like Resident Evil then get 2 and 3 on DC, they were only 20 bones when they came out so they’re probably cheaper now. Spawn wasn’t that bad, just kinda repetitive but good multiplayer for awhile.

Am I the only one who found SC1 to be “blah”?

Then again…I already played SC2, so…

Good choice, Ath. I would suggest Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 (only if you get an arcade controller thingy, the DC controller is HORRIBLE for those games), Crazy Taxi 1 and 2, Power Stone 1 and 2, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Shenmue, Sonic Adventure, and Soul Calibur.

Personally, I never palyed on a Dreamcast, but I have always been a Sega fan, and have played many of the games that were changed into PS2 games, and they were really cool.
I even have Grandia 2 (not to mention Grandia 1 for the PSX) and they’re probably one of the best games I seen, so they should be really cool on the Dreamcast:D So get one, while you have a chance

If you’re going to go online with it (and you might as well, not worth it if you’ve already got an online console though) then I strongly recommend Worms World Party and Quake 3… or even four controllers and those two games, short of a GCN and smash brothers you can’t get multi=player action that fun :slight_smile: :slight_smile: powerstone 2 as well.

And Crazy Taxi just owns, full stop :slight_smile: