The Dragon Warp item in BOF 1 and a moral? dilema

Undoubtedly the most facinating item i ever discovered with my Pro Action replay was the Dragon Warp item in Breath of Fire 1- i remember it was Saturday, May 1, 1993-The word had gotten out that Die Hard Video game store had just gotten in the much awaited Super Famicom version of Breath of Fire- i rushed down to the store and got it along with my other RPG Pioneer buddies and while they were playing the game as usual i went to work with my Pro Action Replay-
In those days nobody used computer programs on games - a code then was up up left left down right on a controller- Few people were using Pro Action replays to do sophisticated stuff with games-it was a device made in Great Britain and not available here in most video game stores like the Game Genie. And the Game Weenie Genie didn’t allow you to generate your own codes- But i was working on an item generating code for the game which i shortly found- 7E5140XX.i started plugging numbers in…1,2,3,4 etc and got items in the game-
Then i tried to figure out what these items in Japanese text i couldn’t read were used for- i tried choosing each one or highlighting it and using it and tried to see what it did- i worked for a while until i came to the item corresponding to 7E514036-A number that will be forever famous in video game history!-When i tried using the item this came up- AREA 0019 in English!!I wondered what the heck is this and it’s in English-I just knew it had to be something special- So i tried to use the item and warped just outside the door of the save shrine-WOW— i had just made the greatest discovery in video game history!
I immediately realized this was some kind of debug warp item the programers had forgotten to remove from the game that could only be “pulled out” or show up by using a pro action replay- i later found out from others playing the game you couldn’t find this item in the game by playing it normally- i found by using the controller i could change the numbers in the item and warp other places- i ran to the phone and started calling other gamers in the RPG Completers and Pioneers- Since they didn’t have a Pro Action replay they doubted my story but i made a video tape of me playing the game using this item and sent it off to the president of RPG completers- When she got the video that next wednesday- she called me on the phone and all i heard was her yelling, " Linda, It’s REAL!! Linda, It’s REAL!!"She said i gotta have this item- So she sent me her cart by mail and i used my Pro Action replay to put the Dragon Warp item in her game-
For the next few months i went broke on postage getting games of BOF1 in the mail from other club members and returning carts with the Dragon Warp- Then i started thinking about the possibilites of using this item for doing things like warping inside those houses in Nanai you can’t get into- I found the numbers with the Dragon Warp item to actually get inside those houses and the houses had people in them that spoke and even music that was no where else in the game- i also found numbers that would let me walk on the title screen and world map.
Then the burning question- Should i share this discovery with the game magazines when the U.S. version was released?All the gamers i talked to agreed with me not to tell the magazines before the American release because Nintendo might learn of it and take the item out- But some told me never to tell the magazines because if the game companies knew gamers were usuing Pro Action replays to pull out these special debug items they’d make sure they are removed in the future-
The result was a vote was taken to decide whether or not for me to send in the code to a magazine AFTER the game came out here so all gamers could use this code- Naturally it was a tie vote and i had the last vote- so it was up to me and appropriately since i discovered it- i made the decision to go public with it and send in the code to a magazine after the game came out- And i got the damnation of a lot of my friends who said , " Because of you letting this secret out those darn game companies will be extra careful to remove those debug items and maybe even find out a way from blocking the use of the Pro Action replay on their games- and that is just what happened- Breath of Fire 2 when you use a Pro Action Replay 2 on the cart all that keeps coming up is the game start.
If this group- RPGClassics existed then what would you have voted for? Keep the Dragon Warp a secret among only a few gamers or send in the code that generated it to a magazine and let everyone use it on the American version???

I would have voted for this site to be renamed: “Dragonquester’s gaming exhibitionism headlines” since apparently that’s what it is.

That’s awesome! I wish I’d been able to get something like that, but I never got the BoF cartridge… I was always more into Super Soccer and the types like SoM…
But yeah, I think I would’ve kept it secret… try a poll?


I found a PAR code for an item called the Demon’s Toy in Dragon Quest 5- it is 7E5061BE.But unfortunately when you try to use it nothing happens- I was told this was a similiar debug warp item used by the programers in that game-But they disabled it’s use in the release version of the game- You can’t get the item by playing the game regularly- There must be a way to get this thing to work! i want the thrill again i had 12 years ago when i used that Dragon’s Warp item in BOF 1- that was the ultimate fix for me- the “Code Junkie” as they called me-
i have tried and tried to unlock the use of this item by using PAR codes but i can’t and i don’t know anything about computers … BUT… if somebody else can use a hex code editor on a copy of this game maybe they can change the computer code that disables this item- After all, the item is still there- It just doesn’t work! Isn’t it odd the programers chose the identification-- Demon’s Toy --for this item- Get to work you guys- i have done all i can in the early days when these games were first released to find stuff- Get this Demon’s Toy item to work!!

I agree.

New Topic: Lavos vs Sephiroth. Who would win?

i vote sephy cuz he has sword that is loong

I would be happy to send you a cart of Breath of Fire 1 WITH the Dragon Warp item in the inventory at the beginning of the game and then you can play around with it- just contact me by e-mail if you want me to send you the cart—— i will also throw in some kick A… weapons in the inventory at the start of the game like the EmporSD,Mallet(usually a hard to find weapon), Sleeper, and HeroBW.

it is NOT cart----and don’t forget to support your local dentist

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Man, for once I agree with both Pierson AND Setz. WHATS THE WORLD COMING TO?

indeed, this is getting ridiculous. It was fun the first time or 2, but after 80 odd threads that boil down to “look at me, I have cool pictures” or “look at what I did 10 years ago” it gets a bit old.

I do not. Hades, Setz, deathstryke. If you have nothing constructive to add to a thread, don’t extend its life by posting it; allow it to sink into colorless oblivion. This is not a formal warning, just a friendly notification, since it’s only trolling in a loose sense. Regardless, it’s annoying and you’re driving the post off topic.

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Personally, I don’t mind it because she at least has a lot of story to it, writes it well, and doesn’t clutter the OTHER threads. This one is about a bit more than a game collection, at least.

I’m going to be a real asshole here and you are completely free to criticize me for being ignorant on the matter since I wasn’t even alive back then but… you made such a freaking ruckus over a stupid debug item? Hell, we should be thankful the companies pay attention to what they release and I really can’t see how the fact that such a thing does not exist anymore can be prejudicial for gamers.

I’m all up for doing funny things with bugs ‘n stuff but… am I the only one who thinks that a debug item is really fucking irrelevant? It’s a freaking cheat and you call it the most important discovery in gaming history? The guy who figured out how to cast eight spells per round in FFVI made a discovery, you found a trashed code that is a pain in the ass to activate and you aren’t going to tell me that warping around everywhere is interesting after the first five minutes.


you are right- it probably has no relevance here for now but since this is RPGClassics i thought this old Super Nintendo Breath of Fire game is surely a classic and this might be interesting-Ok - not the best discovery in video game history- but maybe in my history?
You mentioned FF6 - i remember i came up with codes for equipping the moogle charm on other characters and since you don’t get the mog character until later in the game and he is the only one who can equip it these codes allow other characters to avoid enemies from the start of the game in the fields as i remember- And remember the problem of phone sex has been around a long time!

You don’t get the moogle charm until after Mog. Did you hack in that item, too? Jesus christ man!

I think there are about five people here (Myself included) that like that game, and even though I like it, I still admit it was pretty lame. And what the heck was that last line and picture supposed to mean?

Yes, i noticed you get that moogle charm after you get the mog. and unfortunately he is the only one who can equip it- i thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a PAR code to generate this item then codes to be able to equip it on other characters- i wanted to be able to start the game with the moogle charm equiped on any character i wanted- and here is a pic of a guy who invented a new electric game genie and him trying it out-