The Devillion Appreciation thread.

You heard it folks. We’re here to show our support to one of the funniest members here at RPGC. Change your avatar to one of Devillion to show your support! :smiley:

Also, any other Devillion-appreciation-related paraphernalia are welcomed whole-heartedly. Please post media related to this here, if you need a host, get ahold of me.

shakes devillion’s hand

Rarr… you never give me credit for my ideas :frowning:

You’re the one that forgot about it until i reminded you :frowning:

And how is that appreciating devillion in any way? >:o

And the devillion avatars were jenna’s idea. The thread was mine… I think.

Hehe… No one cares about your thread anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wow, i just don’t even know what to say

fyi: your avatars are from a long time ago. i don’t look that young in reality.

Devillion is a software developer, so he’s cool.

Remember, cults are no good. The Cult of /dev is no different.

/dev is your god!

Dev helped me play my illegal ISOs, so he’s cool.

Don’t mind if I do.

logs on

Dev looks like that kid from Blue Lagoon.

Hey, I came up with the Church of /dev idea; therefore, it pwnd. :frowning:

Also, you all should add something related to su[pw] to your posts. /dev loves that.

sudo mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom ?
I didn’t know dev was a multimedia center! =O

Bad Cultists! Bad!

Posting in Devillion thread