The Desktop thread to end all Desktop threads


Especially Merlin’s.

I hope they DO end, its spam if its done more than once a month… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, you’re desktop is a bit too wild to look at. And I still have the same desktop as the last time, and the time before.

Mine is just a collage of metallica pictures. Old and new.

mine’s just some blue-vortexy thingy…yeah.

Here’s mine: (copy/paste URL)

I changed mine since the last one.

XCG, that is kickass!

Thanks, I ripped it off of

Funny CS cartoons.

I made mine the final picture from the Thundercats Thread on the sprite board. I wonder how long until it gets changed back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Megas is the best! ever!

I’m waiting until I get a real monitor and a disk reformat to change my desktop stuff, it’s so crappy right now.

<img src=“”> The same as last time, just with a few more desktop icons.

Changed my desktop this month

gives in

Well, here is my wallpaper…

Mmm: Sexy neko bishie!


O_O You actually changed it, Nul?

I changed it slightly before the last desktop thread; a week or so ago.