The definition of true happiness (for me)

clicka I can only say this- :yipee: :yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

Now comes the guessing game as to who it’ll be… :wink:


Whoot x99!

dances for joy

Isn’t it the series that gave Charl his face-eating habit?

KICK ASS! Although I must say Tom Baker > Everyone else.

Yeay! I’m cheering in my heart.


I miss BBC. All of the tv channels I recieve haven’t aired ‘Doctor Who’, they suck.

Hmm… they could run into some problems later on, since the Doctor only has a few regenerations left. But anything that brings Doctor Who back is good. :cool:

Okay, this sounds interesting. I might actually watch Dr. Who now. :smiley:

This looks set to be excellent, especially with Russell T. Davies writing it.

Wait, so who’s this doctor? (wait for it…)

/me beats X to a bloody pulp with his bad pun.

Ain’t the first time, ain’t gonna be the last time.

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
Wait, so who’s this doctor? (wait for it…)

Ow, the pun hurts. Why’d you do it, X? I thought you loved me!

Heh…now that’s good stuff! 10 outta goddamn 10 for that!

Dr. Who’s on first! :smiley:

I thought Dr. Who was a Bond villain…

(Dr) No.


There’s a kind of soda called Dr. Whatever …

I heard rumours of this on the radio last week, looks true now.