The Decline of video games

Funny and relatively true at the same time!

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The non-nerds came around.
Damn them!

That was sort of stupid…

As with everything old, gaming is losing it’s originality. I also think that gaming companies are starting to forget what gaming is all about. Fun, playability and escaping from reality for a little while and forgetting your troubles and what-not.

Now it’s all about graphics and breaking new technology barriers. There are so few games made in the past two years that I’ve liked, I just find most new games boring. Or maybe we’re just getting old and set in our ways about how gaming should be. Much like how most of our dads are about our taste in music.

And once again TD demonstates his ability to take part in a discussion without actually discussing it. Bravo that man.

He just beat me to it. I was gone all day…