The deal

My mate Ash, who buys and sells retro consoles on the side (i.e. ebay), the guy who sold me that PC Engine for a tenner, has come to me and made me this offer. All of the below for £150.

Jaguar, boxed, three controllers, official SCART cable. Games: (all boxed with instructions and pad overlays)

Wolfenstein 3D
Supercross 3D
Trevor McFur
Tempest 2000
Chequered Flag
Alien Vs. predator
Iron Soldier
Bubsy Bobcat
Cannon Fodder
Dragon- the Bruce Lee Story
Tempest 2000 Soundtrack CD

American NTSC 3DO, unboxed, with AV lead, step-down transformer, 3 controllers (inc. official Capcom streetfighter controller). Games: (all boxed with instructions)

Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo
rreturn Fire
Space Hulk
Burning Soldier
Zhadnost: the People’s Party
Crash ‘n’ Burn
Sampler CD
Need for Speed
Twisted (the game show)
Family Feud
John Madden Football
Sewer Shark
Samurai Showdown

I am seriously tempted- he’s even said if I drop some of the chaff off the top I can lower the price as low as £120. Only problem is, I’m trying to save money (not mention I’d have to lug it all home in this bloody heat), but this offer could be too tempting to refuse…

…Oh yeah, and he’s also lending me his Jaguar CD unit for a week. :slight_smile: Damn it’s good having friends in high places!

Take it; this is the kind of deal you probably won’t see again. And it’s games; trust me, there is at least one game in there that you’ll like so much, it will be worth the money on its own.

Reminds me of the time where I got FFIV and FFVI for free, or when I got the Saturn and Genesis for 8 dollars. 8)

I’ll buy it!

Or mug you should you take the offer.

<img src=“”> I say you purchase it as well. Even so the Jaguar was shot by a hunter, it still manage to produce some nice offsprings in games. Same with 3DO, but without the animal humuor.

I agree with rirse. Go for it, a deal like this (with so many games) wont come around again.

An ancient dead system that didn’t compete much with bad games isn’t worth buying, no matter the number of bad games. I’d double check if I were you.

Bad games are entirely opinion based. Many, many people consider Tecmo’s Secret of the Stars to be an awful, horrid game, but I like it =P. I’d honestly go for the deal really. At the very least, you can sell it on eBay if you don’t enjoy them.

I find having lots of unplayed games, makes them less fun cause you just wanna go on to the next one. Anyway, I’d still take it.