The Darkness Returns!!

<A HREF=“”>Save your children! The demon is coming back!!!</A>



Goddamnit, WD bites the dust and we get fucking ACCLAIM back!? Wasn’t there anyone else that could be revived!? Where is my beloved SNK!? Where is your God now!?

GG: Does “Turok” ring a bell? Does the name flash horrible memories of boring repetitive FPS scenarios with way too fucking much Fog Of fucking War? Does it make you want to crawl under your bed and pray that a meteorite crashes on their HQ? That’s Acclaim.

I’m pretty sure i read that they’re not coming “back” in any form that they used to be in. Some guy from activision bought the name Acclaim to create a new company that makes online games for middle-school aged kids. I can’t imagine what kind of “games” these will be…neopets and gaia come to mind as the only young kid oriented online “games” i can think of :\

Also, SE, i dunno where your SNK is, but mine is alive and well. They’re putting more shit out now under the Sammy banner than they ever did as just SNK.

Turok 1 & 2 werent so bad for their time. 3 was an abomination, at least I didnt pay for it…

didn’t they make that South Park Chef’s Love Shack game?

The Cerebral Bore is still a fucking great weapon.

That’s the only saving grace of Turok.

That and that one death animation where your opponent bleeds from the head for awhile and finally dies

I better go practice my NBA jam skillz.

… aw smegmuffins.


Sammy and SNK are completely different companies. SNK was post mortem purchased by Playmore and now exists as <A HREF=“”>SNK Playmore</A>. <A HREF=“”>Sammy</A> is a company that’s been around for a very long time (<A HREF=“”>even publishing games in the US in the early 90’s under the name “American Sammy”</A>), that recently purchased/merged with <A HREF=“”>Sega</A> to form <A HREF=“”>Sega Sammy</A>.