The Da Vinci Code

See title. Discuss.

I like it. Symbology is good.

I like you. Big breasts turn me on.

Yeah, breasts are nice.

And I had a code once, it was like 1-A 2-B 3-C 4-D

I dub you two professional morons. Stay on the topic willya? Or just don’t post otherwise.

Isn’t the Da Vinci code just writing sentences with each letter mirrored by the y-axis?

Gemini: Wasn’t DaVinci Code where he wrote upside-down and backwards? Then, you would have to look at a tries to flips following text, but can’t rorrim ot erugif ti tuo.

I absolutely love this book. (It’s a book, ladies and gents. By Dan Brown. Look it up.) I read it in about 23 hours, not counting the 7 hours I took to sleep and the few others to eat and check e-mail and such. I’m now reading Brown’s first book, “Digital Fortress.” Not as good, but still very exciting.

I think a lot of the ideas that Brown presented about the nature of the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene were really interesting, even if they’re not nessecarily true. There’s a lot of debate out there on so many of these topics. I read a conservative Christian journal article that completely dismissed the book, but then several more that cited some of the ideas as plausible.

So, yes. Very good book. Good choice of a topic, too.

I have, unfortunately, been unable to read it. My brother is curently reading it.

I would check it out from the school library, but It’s never in, same with the public library. I’ve heard it’s good, from my parents, some of my classmates, and even some teachers.

It was a great book, I really enjoyed it, here’s a good website on it too:

I’ve yet to read it though there’s a copy in the house. Too many things to read… arg!

Haven’t read Deception Point or Digital Fortress yet, but I just finished the prequel of The Da Vinci Code (Angels and Demons). Good stuff. Starts off kinda slow, but I love the end.