The D and D: Shadow Over Mystara Shrine - Is it Still being updated currently??

The D and D: Shadow Over Mystara Shrine - Is it Still being updated currently??

It says it’s a work in progress but there is no "Updated on : such and such a date " thing anywhere?

This shrine looks really cool and Id love to see it finished :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> It’s still being worked on. We just don’t have an update thingy since Maba and I are very uncoordinated in what we do when, and I’m a terribly lazy bastard. But it’s far from dead.

You should be honored, someone actually cares about your work TD :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Now I can die happy and take all the credit for Maba’s hard work <_<

Tenchimaru Draconis - BTW Im not sure if you just havent done them yet or if they really are broken, but the little icons for each of the spells in the SPells section is shown as a littl red x :frowning:
(the divine spells are ok but all the arcane spells icons are broken)

Please fix :smiley:

Also you have ANY clue when the shrine will be done? :slight_smile: I especially am looking forward to having each weapon/armor/item/wand NAMED in association with the little icons of it you see at the bottom of the screen during gameplay :slight_smile:

I have the D and D collection for saturn and it would be nice ot know which little icom is the sword of legend vs another sword for example :smiley:

<img src=“”> Not a clue. I’ve been a terrible slacker, I really need to work on this shrine more. The arcane spells pictures haven’t been taken yet, so they don’t display. Also, the items page will take a while, hunting down the location, power etc of it all is a lot of work.

I’m currently working on the icons part; Difficult, since I usually get only a few new icons per playthru…

Will be putting weapons/equipment up soon, but TD can handle stats… and THIEF X(

I bet TD would like to handle the thief >_>


OK thanks guys for the reply :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the work you ve done on this shrine (and will do :-D)

Now please get back to work on it :smiley: :yipee: PLEASE :slight_smile: