The cutest and sexiest palmtop computer

I rarely get wet over anything that has to do with computers. I don’t really give a shit about them. But this little baby needs to be inside of me.

It doesn’t even have a touchscreen. Pass.

Also that plus shaped thingy looks dodgy as hell, and why the hell is the ‘A’ button across from the ‘B’ button, and the ‘X’ button beneath the ‘Y’ button?

It does have a touchscreen. you whore.

You are aware that by loving that thing, you’re turning into Wertigon?

I dont remember Wertigon. Was he 2004s version of Wilfredo?

wait a minute



Wertigon was a forumgoer from several years ago who basically had a Linux fetish. He brought it up in every single conversation he was in without fail.

That also looks quite nice, but it isn’t for me. As finicky as mobile touch screen keyboards can be, I do even worse with actual keyboards like this or the one on the Blackberry.

This monstruosity looks like the bastard offspring of a Sixaxis controller with one of those half-a-megabyte-of-memory Casio calculators from the late 90’s. Pass.

Touch screen is for fucking morons (as far as UI).

So are tinyass keyboards.


Aww, it’s a cute widdle palmtop. I bet you could hack into shit like a mad mofo with it. :3

Someone else has been playing Bulletstorm, I see. “I’m gonna kill your dick” needs to become a meme.

Sinistral posted a thread on the dialogue from the game. I don’t play video games. the last time I picked up a controller was when I was playing Twilight Princess when it was new.

It’s sad to think of that game as old, but here we are talking about a Wii launch game/final GCN game while the Wii2 is finally being confirmed as more than just a rumor.

I’ve wanted this thing forever now.

I’m not a big fan either… it looks like a digital diary (I mean… who on Earth uses those things nowadays! xD) Cute (in terms of small… maybe) Sexy… definitely not (or perhaps it depends on your standards! ;P) But overall, if that’s supposed to be the new slick thing to have… then I see it as a failure.

And on a related note, here’s a review of it by Dr. Stuart Ashens. Because we all love reviews, brown couches and witty Englishmen.