The Curse

Gee, how did you get your hands on FF13? FF12 isn’t even out yet! :hahaha;

I can onlyguess that she means FF8, and not FF13. But still that is a stupid mistake to make.

And question, if the bird only damaged the controller, couldn’t they just go out and buy a new one, to finish the game?

Controllers cost about 20-30 bucks… who has that kinda cash settin around ?

Nah they’ve got to be lower…we’re talking about Playstation 1 controllers right? No way are they 30 dollars…that’s old equipment.

a PS2 controller is the best thing to get for a PS2… i payed 20 for mine… i’m also mean Sony brand… not those off-brand POSes

Well, I seem to have rotten luck now with FF8, and the FMVs during The Battle With Galbadia Garden at the end of disk 2 The disk will skip, stall, and come to a stop in the middle of an FMV and not progress, ESPECIALLY during those scenes where it’s FMV in the background yet your characters’ graphics are still present and moveable in the foreground.

I have two copies of the game (buying the second one after encountering this problem with the first), both work fine up to that point and AFTER IT AS WELL on all disks [Fortunately I do still have a save game beyond the trouble spot], but during those scenes it locks up.

With the first copy I, like Val, tried using a game doctor on it. And also like Val, I discovered it made the problem worse (from inching through the FMV at a frustratingly slow pace to not going at all). Has ANYONE ANYWHERE EVER had success using a Game Doctor?

Dude, both copies screw up at the same point in the game ? I’d get ahold of Square, or whoever and tell em their game is jacked up. or something

Personally I have never had any luck with the Game Doctor products. Just get rid of them, they are pretty much worthless to you.

As for the disc problem, you may wish to try cleaning your laser, which you can do with a “Laser Cleaning Disc”, not sure how much they cost, but they are worth it. Since I had a few games that wouldn’t work at all, then I used the Cleaner, and they worked again!

hehehe… this is exactly why I love my FFVII for the PC. I haven’t had one problem with it yet (though with my older computer, it used to crash every time Ultima Weapon came out).

The CD durability is much better for the PC version than the PSX version I found.