The Curse

This might just be me. I’m not sure, which is why I’m putting this out.

On the subject of Final Fantasy 7, I have been afflicted with a peculiar curse. Every time I get near the end of the first disc, something happens. I lose my progress. The following have happened to me in order.

–Game stolen.
–Game destroyed.
–Memory card lost.
–Game stolen.
–Memory card corrupted 2x.
–Game AND Memory Card destroyed.
–Playstation exploded.

Yes, exploded. It started hissing and popping sparks, and smoking. It never ran again. After this, I said fuck it.
I need to know. Does anyone else have this kind of luck with a particular game?

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Mr. T is angered. SPLITFORM!
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Not on that scale, but I can certainly sympathise- I was right on the key FMV of disk one, you, know, the one where Sephiroth give Aeris a damned good impaling when the disk froze. Just completely and utterly decided that then was the time to stop working.
Me not happy.

Other games it’s happened on were Shenmue 2 (£30 spent on it, I find disk 3 FUBAR long after I threw away the receipt. Damn! :hyperven: ) and Aladdin for the Megadrive (for some reason, playing this game gives my megadrive a seizure :hmm: )

By now, I think people just spoilerize the fact that AERIS DIES! just for the hell of it.

Anyway, I had some similar luck with my LUNAR game. It got scratched, so I got a CD Doctor. It madeit worse. But still, it was only the First disc, and if I plasyed it correctly, I wouldn’t have any problems.

Then, on one of the few occasions I had a friend over, he used Disc 2 as a coaster. And he dropped it. -_-

I let this guy borrow my Bushido Blade and his house burned down.

i tripped over and spilt lager all over my psx, it broke and i had to buy a new one

FF6 made the little spinny ball thingy that makes discs spin fall off my PSX, but I don’t care 'cos I have a PS2.

My Final Fantasy 4 and 6 cartridges have a very nasty habit of erasing save files once they reach the endgame. O_o

My Donkey Kong Country GBC cart deleted my save after I beat the game, and now it wont save at all :\

No, don’t give up on FF7… and I can’t say that any such thing has ever happened to me with a game… yet.

I bought PSX secondhand off some guy around here, along with a few games. FF8 was one of them, and it was in bad condition, but still worked. Then one day, it just stopped. A few months later, PSX died, and I got a PS2, and the first thing I did was try FF8 in it. It worked, and I was happy. Then I got distracted by X and a few other random things.

Last week I remembered I still never beat the game, and popped it in. Nothing. Kept trying again, with different discs. The absolute farthest it would load no matter how hard I tried is the first two names in the credits [when I press start it freezes]. Now I suppose I’ll have to find a cheap new one .___.

I too have had some trouble, I have had FF8 freeze, constantly during FMVs, expecially if I have just loaded a saved game near one. Also I done the same thing that Val did (using a CD Doctor), but with two games, not one.

The only game trouble, well it’s not really game trouble but memory card trouble, was with my friend’s corrupted PS1 memorry card. It kept erasing our Tactics Ogre saves. It took us a while to figure out it was the memory card but finally he bought a new one. That reminds me, I still have to beat that.

The first FF7 i got… took the plunge off my dresser and the third disc got cracked. the 2nd FF7 i owned i let a friend borrow and never got it back(or got back compensation… asshole!) the third… i am treating it like a sacred holy object, no one touches it but me !!
I also let a friend of mine borrow my FF9, and it would lock up during the battles in Gizamalukes Grotto. Game doctors are too expensive, and apprently, dont work, so i just bought a new one.

Never let your friends borrow your stuff !

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Buy FF7 for the PC. It’s not quite as good and I’m not sure if you can do the item repeating trick, but it’s still a good game.

I’ve had pretty good luck when it comes to things like this, but one of my friends told me abot how he has three blank SNES cartidges that used to be Zelda: Link to the Past

Are we telling tragic game-save stories or something?

I have an uplifting one.

I was at my friend’s house, and we were playing Zelda: LttP about…8 or so years ago, and somehow the save file got erased. So, we turned the SNES off, and back on again…still gone. Turned it off and back on again…still gone. We kept doing this for about a minute or so, and lo and behold, the file was back. And the peasants rejoiced.

nothing that bad has happened to me…except for the occassional sibling saving over my games!!! AAH! so much for sharing!

Once in FF7, my Ultimate Weapon got stolen by one of those pot thing’s in the crater. major suckage

The closest thing to that I’ve had was when my copy of Shining Force: Sword of Hajya deleted all my saves, then wouldn’t let me save anymore. I was mad.

My friends cockatiel (its a bird) chewed hole in the wiring of the controllers and we couldn’t finish FFXlll and it made me MAD:fungah:

Then her dogs tried to eat her PS2 and so…
we gave up and now play online RPGs.