The coolest lightsaber

Seeing as I’m currently pursuing those kool force f/x lightsabers across cyberspace, I thought i’d put up a poll to see which lightsabers, by hilt design, are most popular among you guys.

~Cooler color
~Less comfortable handle
~dim in daylight

~much more comfy handle
~bright in daylight and even brighter at night

The choice is yours, but the while the red is cooler. I say go with the blue one, its just higher quality and more comforatble to hold.

Purple. :slight_smile:

Way to read the thread Izlude! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Asajj Ventress’. They have a shinier, smoother look than most other ones. I had a website that showed pictures of all the hilts, but I lost it. :frowning:

Green for the win

I like the green one, too. Like the one Luke had.

I’ve only seen two for sale anywhere:
Blue - the Luke Skywalker one
Red - the Darth Vader one

Now, apparently there are more options, so between the two that I mentioned above…
go with Luke’s.

And check out the blue lightsaber in action, that is FUCKING SEXY:

That gold one from jedi knight

Gold? Don’t you mean yellow? And quite frankly, I think it’s stupid that all saber hilts in the KOTOR games look exactly the same. >.>
But yes, last time I checked there were only blue and red sabers available. And this is certainly better than the crappy imitations that were around earlier, with blades made of shitty glass tubes. I mean, what’s the point of getting one of those replicas if you couldn’t even swing it around out of fear of breaking it?