The cooler Zombie

Okay you have a choice of three here:

As you all know, among being a tickle interest, I also love zombie stuff. So here’s a poll,

Which of these two are the coolest zombies so far

Dirge, from Xombie

Stubbs, from Stubbs the Zombie

Or perhaps you think there’s a different zombie whose cooler? Let me know! My vote is for Dirge. Why? He has a shovel, a cool attitude, is super quick, and has a sense of justice.

Auron. Nobody beats Auron.

ECW Zombie, and anyone not voting for him fails miserably.

Pfft, no contest: Captain Le’ Chuck

Who the heck is that?! and how did you vote so many times?

The ECW Zombie is merely the greatest zombie ever.

And I only voted once. My votes merely count for 984 of your regular votes AT LEAST.

So is he a wrestler? Where do you have a picture of him?

Other: Eddie from Iron Maiden. Why? Cause it’s fucking Iron Maiden, man!

Bub the zombie because he listens to the radio, and gave me a satisfying ending by shooting that dumb-*ss at the end.

Brain eating z0mbies. Need …brains.

That or Le’ Chuck as Seraphim pointed out.

oh come on people, Dirge is the fricken best, I mean he’s like an undead superman who can’t fly!

Kieth Richards.

Nemesis cause he has a bazooka.

Keith Richards? James Brown easily wins there.

But he’s not a zombie, he has too much SOUL to become a mindless undead. He’s a liche, I’d say.

Soul, hmm. Well if that’s why James brown is not considered a zombie, I suppose the same could be true of Dirge

Your continued attempts to take this thread seriously impress me, knave.

southern draw Sir, I say sir, that’s my duty!

And on that note, okay, Nemesis is cool too, and he’d probably kick Dirge’s ass, both are strong, both are quick, but in the long run, bazooka beats shovel. And there’s also the point that Dirge needs to stop to use embalming fluid, which Nemesis does not.

But I think we can all agree that Either Dirge or Nemesis could kick Stubbs’ decaying butt, right? AM I RIGHT?

I kind of figured he was more of a ghost that had a completely physical manifestation.

Auron is a ghost, is he were a zombie, he would have really, REALLY stunk!