The commercialization of Star Bores or i just bought my first lottery tickets!

I went to the market this morning and noticed some new lottery tickets for sale that have to be the most crass commercialization of the most insipid , lousy series of films ever made-Hasn’t George made enough from these space flics? i bought my first lottery tickets just so i could share a scan of them here- and these pics are NOT a photo shop trick. If there are any other members from California go to where ever lottery tickets are sold and you can confirm these tickets exist—

Would it be illegal to use the Force to win, you think?

Those are the lamest lottery cards I’ve ever seen.

If you think you can use the force to win then i would be happy to send you one of these tickets. Who knows, it says win up to $10,000- maybe the ticket i send you will be that winner and if it is let me know and i will be happy for you!I am no fan of the films but i understand there are a lot of people who are.If you are a fan of the movie and would like me to send you one of those lottery tickets let me know.

This is your first time playing? Fuck man, i’m not even half your age and i play the lottery all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t buy them cuz I’m not of legal age yet :frowning:



I liked starwars… 4-6 that is.

I have no shame. I think Star Wars is grande. I can’t think of any other original series of movies that can top it. Sure LotR, then again, Jackson didn’t write them himself.

Most movie merchandising gets way out of hand, so Star Wars is no execption. I remember LotR, Spiderman, Batman, and etc being rammed down my throat. Now its Sin City, next will be Hitchikers Guide, then RotS…on and on it goes

Oh, I can.

The Godfather. Anything written by Kevin Smith. Hell, ROCKY was written better than Star Wars.

A lot of the stuff that is made “cool” by pop culture, i liked back when it was “nerdy” and “uncool”. These are some fickle times we’re living in.