Edited. Sorry everyone.

As a comrade said: “If you don’t find this funny, it’s because you have no soul.”

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week

This is funny AND offensive!

I think the ‘fresh rhymes’ one was the funniest, although the ‘rhymes with Peter parker’ was good too.

If it’s offencive I’ll get rid of the link.

I edited it. I’m sorry if it offended anyone.

What is it about this board that attracts communism? =/

If anything its dictatorship ;o

Aww, I missed the funny offensive thing. :frowning:

It might not of been that offencive, but still.

Don’t worry Saturn. I missed it too, but, I know what it is anyway.

Thanks, Arac, for leaving the clues in your post.

Yep, it’s totally offensive and totally funny.

I’ll PM you the link in IRC, or something, if you’re really curious.

I want to know the link, if someone would PM it to me… I like being offended.

Can you just post the link again? :smiley:

Someone PM me the link too?

I endorse the link, it is mildly offensive, but so’s Family Guy and that’s viewed by millions a week!

it’s quite hilarious in places

WTF ? That didn’t make sense at all O.o Such vulgar terms, racial discrimination, etc… That was as flat as a piece of paper -_-


That’s gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh. I’ve seen roadkill funnier than this.

It was just being offensive for the sake of being offensive. It was pretty funny though, as long as you don’t take it seriously.

‘Road Waffles’ is.

Seen them a while ago. I still toss the “Say, if it isn’t my old nemesis. A truck!” line around at times.