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I just plain can’t use a non-energy secondary for blasters. I’d miss sending people flying down rooftops way too much.

And how. :toast:

A friend of mine was telling me about how he (durring beta) had fully slotted his energy thrust with knockback enhancements single origin at level 50… He then went to rooftop and did it to an hellion in atlas park and the mob went off the map. Like, friggin DBZ style the guy just went flying…

They fixed that in one of the later issues though, but man, that’d be so awesome.

Heh… You may call him, the Freeman…

There’s no crowbar powerset.

Yeah, it was a popular sport on the test server. Hellion Golf, I believe it was called.

TD, I’m trying out fire secondary for Blasters, and I’m liking it so far. Granted, only 4 powers are useful, but…

I poked around with /fire for a bit, it’s decent if you’re mostly single target due to Fire Sword Circle, but since I tend to stick with AoEs most of the powers aren’t that useful to me, especially after they limited PBAoE’s to 10 targets.

Consume is handy, though.

Why are you discussing CoH when you can’t even <b>play</b>?!

Also, I have a serious lack of fun due to no one EVER BEING ON.

I’m on, with my new character:

I figure no one else did defender so I would try it… And well, I kinda like it… Alot.

I’ve played it, WITH MUCH PAIN, since release. I just never really had my own account :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 17 def, he just never gets played out of the fact I don’t really enjoy it.

See, Elec/nrg has the main problem of only 2 basic attacks, both with high recharge and end drain with not that great of a damage out put, and poor acc. The /nrg offers no useful range or support powers (in my mind) except an early level build up… which you can’t even really take advantage of with elec two powers which both have a slow recharge. This is just from my personal experience with the build for my play style.

I love look at your characters because I can tell from the first moment I see them a hetero made them! =D

Steve if I am not in the chat there is a 90% chance I am on CoH :stuck_out_tongue:


Fire Main Blaster for the win.

Fire Blast & Fire Breath, coupled with a good hasten, and hovers, makes handling mobs a breeze. Run, little fools, run.
Now I just need a freezing aura. Damn runaways.

Boo to Flight, Combat/Super Leaping all the way <_<

Elec blasters arent supposed to worry about dealing damage. They are supposed to worry about draining the opponent’s Endurance. With 6 slotted End. Drain ++ You can rest assured that bosses the enemy you are fighting wont be doing much durring the battle.

For travel, yeah. For fighting, Hover all the way. I just tele around anyway. For a week. Then I left.

I dunno, I enjoy having combat leaping and acrobatics running for the slight mez resistance, and being able to toss out some nice energy melee attacks. I also tend to run around like a crazy idiot to not get hit <_<

I still haven’t tried out teleport, it seems pretty amusing as a travel power.

Teleport’s an End Hog. Don’t use it. It’s the worst.