The CoH RPGCer Character Database

<strike>Totally not stolen at all in the least</strike>
What server, etc.

Name: Shadefall
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary/Secondary: Dark Melee/Regeneration
Server: Virtue

I forget all my stuff. I’m just gonna remake my character or something.
Stevus be me name, though.

Edit: Character oh shi-
Name: Stevus Christ
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Server: Virtue (atlas city, too.)

Sure, let’s not post our primary/secondary powers. It only affects like your entire character.

Ahem :

Victory -
Shin Hat Man : Level 16 Kin/Psi Defender
Irradiated Rock : Level 8 Ear/Rad Controller
Giant Phoenix : Level 7 Kat/Reg Scrapper
Artificial Sky : Level 6 SS/Ice Defender
Blitzkrieg Punk : Level 3 Son/NRG Blaster
Star Blizzara : Level 2 Ice/TrA Controller

I’m an Altaholic. That counts for other characters on other servers.

I play on Virtue with a Fire/Energy Blaster and a Gravity/Kinetics controller. No clue about their names since I’m changing accounts in a few days.

I have Mind/Sonic. Dunno if that’s good or not, but i’ll find out.

Edit: Oh yeah, i’m still on the labor day free trial thing. I’ll get a card asap.

Victory, we’re better than Virtue.

…if only that was true on RPGC :stuck_out_tongue:


My trial’s up for now, but i have a fire/energy blaster on virtue.
His name’s Random Old Guy

I’m holding out for City of Villains. :3

(Just started)

From left to right…

Technology Scrapper (Katana/Restoration)

Omega-Volt (This is my Main character)
Technology Blaster (Electricity/Energy)

Mutation Tanker (Fire/Fire)

Thats it? No one else plays? Poopy…

Anyway, since a bunch of you are on Virtue I’ll add you to my friends list and try to say hi when I come on.

my universal handle is @Omega_Volt



Nicely done on the metal armor with the blur effect. I forgot how efficient this can be.

TY, The single reason that I am playing this game right now is cause its so damn fun to make new characters that I don’t mind staying a lowbie!

Yeah, jesus, you can make some really nice looking stuff with the blend effect.

I’d actually be playing it now, but god hates me and my order got mixed up. PCI-E videocard and an AGP motherboard, woo.

I think it’d be cool if we threw out some character concepts to give each other ideas. I will start things off…

Lets make a Water themed character.

(This will help you all be creative, as well as give others as well as yourselves ideas)

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHA You’re SCREWED! I played an Elec/Energy blaster and it was HELL! Honestly, stop now before you waste your life.

Oh yeah, have many characters… but my chat handle is Alex Ra’Nha, and I am usually on my Ass/Dev blaster (24) Mr. Aftermath. (I got bored of my scrapper >.>;; )


Same here, my highest character’s 16. I’ve remade countless characters to get their perfect look.

And Eden : Elec/NRG was the FotM build for I4. If it isn’t good…why the hell was it FotM? (I know a lot of Electric blasters were complaining about how they were cramping their style)

I made a Claw/Regen scrapper just last night.
He looks horrible, but I like him :smiley:

Yeah Eden, I’ve been pouring accuracy and endurance drain into my two main shots and almost every enemy I shoot (after 2-3 shots) has no endurance left and just stands there…

Not to mention that energy as a secondary has alot to offer…