The Chronicals of Riddick

Just saw this earlier. Was quite good. If anyone here liked Pitch Black…hell, even if you didn’t…check this out.

Riddick is just a cool character. The upcoming game almost makes me want an XBox. (Almost.)

One more note…it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, which may or may not leave room for a sequal. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Chronicles, and the game is out. Seeing as how I own it, and more correctly it owns on Hard almost as much as Ninja Gaiden does on normal. This is probably due to me fucking up somewhere down the line though.

Vin Deisel = no

i intend to go see this sometime this week. am doing stuff this weekend otherwise i would have already seen it. but i read a preview on it and it said that it was a sequal to something. Whats it a sequal to?

It was the sequel to the movie Pitch Black.

XXX was pretty good but most action movies actually put me to sleep. My friend saw it today and invited me, but I declined.

Vin Deisel is actually alright as Riddick since he follows 2 simple rules: He doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t try to do anything other than look intimidating. If he strays from that, he does very, very poorly.

I saw the movie last night (with Ji and other people), and I enjoyed it. I wish it had developed the plot a bit more, but I guess I shouldn’t go to an action movie expecting that.

I’m interested in seeing it, but haven’t seen Pitch Black. Should I see that first?

It’s not essential. I saw Riddick without having seen Pitch Black and I had a decent idea of what happened in Pitch Black. Everything important is explained in flashbacks or by the other characters.

Pitch Black IS a pretty good movie, but you can only really watch it once.

It’s more of a thriller than anything else, and it’s not as good when you know who’s gonna die.

Looks like there’s a new movie I have to see soon!

The game, according to reviews, follows much the same rules, and is quite good for it. I’ll have to pick that up and see the film. :\