The chicken hears...AND OBEYS!

Go ahead and tell it to do something. I got it to do the robot. :mwahaha:



I got it to die. :slight_smile:

Intresting…I said “take off your head.” It tried a head stand. Oh well.

I said “Shoot yourself”, and he punched himself and tried to grab the roof.

I told him to stick his finger up his butt and he did…something. I’m not sure what, but he did it.

Whoa, I told him to mosh and he made his own circle pit!

I got it to do the macarena. Aren’t I a sick bastard? Bwahahaha.

I told it to attack, but it just stood there. Hm…

I made it do YMCA, :mwahaha: i shall rule the world with the dancing chicken

Haw, I said “Metallica” and it went \m/

I did too! I told it to shoot itslef also. I’ve also gotten quite a few “Chicken is doing someting that may not be suitable for all ages” boxes to pop up.

I told it to “eat that lamp” and got an extreme close-up :-/

I made it to the chicken dance!

blink blink



I told it to “Eat chicken” and it stuck its finger down its throat.

I…I love you.

Seems like the chicken needs a hearing aid