I have consistantly brough good threads to you for 8 entire years now. Not counting the times I have been banned for said threads. So in this thread you tell me how great I am. And your favorite story about me, Charlemagne.

pitting dis shit

Hey, I certainly appreciate Charlemagne.

The Holy Roman Empire had a lot to contribute to Europe’s history.

I like that summer a few years back when we were totally hating on females.

Bros before garden tools, yo.

Charlemagne is pretty entertaining.
It was really cute how much he doted on Jing a few years back. Even gave her a shirt with a picture of his avvie on it.
I recall he once asked whether or not I’d buy a pair of underwear from him with a picture of his avvie on it.

And are you still wearing them? I actualyl gave athong to all the chicks arte rpgclassics california. and i tthink they’re all wearing them now.

I appreciate you at least for your effort, but you get a B- for funny.

Thong, bah. I had his avatar tattooed on my ASS.

I was drunk last night.

This is the best possible thing to post in a topic about appreciating you.

It’s okay though, you’re still a pretty cool guy.

What is wrong with getting drunk.

The fact that it makes you do dumb things maybe? And it kills brain cells? I’m not saying it’s HORRIBLE or anything (though I’d never do it, haha), just that it’s not exactly the best thing to write in a topic about how great you are.

Unless you are just being silly, in which case, hah, you’re silly.

I remember when Charlemagne Photoshopped a picture of Spiderman’s head in with a picture of me. I was flattered. I still think it would have been cooler if it had been the regular Charlemagne avatar, though.

I love Charlemange and the great threads he posts

What the fuck man?

On and unrelated note(what does this even mean), I forgot I posted in this thread…

Chatdad, who’s that man hanging off VickiMom’s arm?

That picture makes me smile, LOL. It’s funny when I realize how old that picture of me is.

Just some goober. Don’t worry. He’ll be dealt with. Mossberg style.

lol such a classic high school comment-