The cat goes to the city.

Tomorrow I’m going to New York city for vacation. (witch really isn’t much of a vacation but I don’t get to decide where we go) I intend to see the FAO shwarts building (that building where Tom Hanks danced on a giant piano board in Big) and other land marks. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion for other places to visit while i’m there, or just advice.

:moogle: sniff it gonna be lonly around here without you.What am I suppose to do without someone to abuse?

Um you could spend time at your house for once and quite mootching off me.

:moogle:…Mumbler! Can’t hear you.

The SNL set at Rockefeller centre

Any one of those late night talk show sets. And make sure to scream real loud “I LOVE YOU (host’s name)!!!” in the middle of the monologue.

My high school choir was going to take a trip to NY during my sophomore year. We started doing the fundraising a year beforehand, and it was going to be superawesome. But it got cancelled cuz the instructor was “forced to retire” for “confessing his love to a student.” Damn pedophiles ruin everything!! >:(

That piano is so much fun! I have pictures of my friends playing on it. We tried playing phantom of the opera on it. Didn’t work out so well. I loved that store, too bad everything was way beyond my budget. I really liked ny, except for the whole lack of breathing part. Have fun, spend money, and watch out for China town and those hotdog vendors. They rip you off big time. ^^

The statue of liberty is an obvious choice, and an interesting historic site would be Ellis Island. Most everybody goes up the Empire State building. Go see a yankees game - the stadiums being torn down in 2009. Breathe in the local life. Sit in coffee shops and read the news paper. Go see a show on broadway - Phantom of the Opera is brilliant, as is The Producers. There’s also some quality off broadway productions always going on. Go to the Metropolitan Art Museum, they’ve got a great impressionists section. Go to that library with the lions. If you’re red blooded and love italian food, go to Little Italy (it’s a few streets over from China Town, it reeks of marinara sauce and that crappy violin music, really hard to miss.) China town is cool too if you like asian stuff like anime and pockey and shit.

Just grab a tourist map off a tour trolley and go catch a cab or something.

BUT whatever you do, stay away from most of queens and staten island.

If you’re willing to drive through a not-too-safe neighborhood to get there the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx Botanical Gardens are nice. Also, Letterman show. Nuff said.

Well i’m back. I did most of the thing you suggested. I couldn’t go on a late night show cause the tickets were pricey but I did get to see Rockefeller centre, I also didn’t get to go to the Statue of Liberty, but I did get to look at it from a distance on a ferry. Anyway did I miss anything while I was gone?

:moogle: You came back!