The British Military's New Secret Weapon...


SAS troops have discovered a new secret weapon against al-Qaeda booby traps — party aerosol cans of silly STRING.

They spray the joke substance to expose virtually invisible trip wires in caves or darkened buildings they must enter.

The brightly-coloured string hangs across the wires, but is too light to set off explosives.

America has spent millions trying in vain to develop battle-ready imaging devices that can spot the deadly menace in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah, it sounds silly, but when you think about it it’s a damn good idea. And I’m not suprised at all that it was someone besides the americans to think of it.

It’s like they say: When one is looking too hard for a complex solution, one tends to overlook the simple ones.

That is frigging brilliant.

That is actually a very useful way of finding them.
Not to mention that they can have a party after the raid is finished and already have the decorations finished.
Just don’t let the drunk guy dance around to much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pokefreak beat me to it, so I’m going to point out how the picture with “Top 25 Viral Emails” on it catches my attention.

“Silly string as a weapon against terrorism.” I’d think it’d just fit for Dubya, except that this actually works.

Go SAS. I wouldn’t really trust this though, it’s from the Sun.

It’s like the old Russian joke. America spends millions of dollars to develop a pen that works in space. The Russians use a pencil. That wasn’t true and I’d be surprised if this was as well.

I doubt this for several reasons:

  1. The SAS is extremely secretive.
  2. Silly string isn’t the best idea because it leaves traces of where you’ve been.
  3. If you can use silly string an be effective, you are already close and probably have a good enough idea of where the trap is.
  4. Trip wire reflects light (meaning you could just as easily use a flash light or something).
  5. Trip wire is usually used in areas that would require fast movement, not slow and steady movement.
  6. Trip wire is often hid on the opposite side of a door or something so that you can’t see it until it is too late.
  7. Can’t say it enough, the SAS is extremely secretive.

Hell, if this was just discovered, I doubt that they’d be avertising it like this and giving the bad guys a heads up.

Thats awesome, sounds like a McGiver thing right there, lol.

8. It’s from the bloody Sun!

Y’know, that reminds me of a tabloid I saw the day George Harrison’s death was all over the papers. It said “George Harrison dies! PLUS! The SECRET he TOOK TO HIS GRAVE!” My first reaction was, “Well, if he took it to his grave, how do they know about it?”

Grave robbers!