The Bob Novak is Dead Thread!


He sure had an interesting track record and fails…oh well, sucks to be him.

Yes, rejoice that a man who was ultimately no more than a commentator died.

No more than a commentator who ousted a CIA agent.

Should I know who this person is?

He was part of a tool of right wing America; he was instrumental in a highly publicized outing of a CIA agent, seen widely as retribution against critics of the Bush administration and the run up to the Iraq War.

He may have been a right-wing tool, but I found his columns interesting. Not for his insight(they weren’t analyses), but rather because he usually did have pretty good gossip.

I think I remember right when he became seriously ill that he had hit a biker with his car. Anyway, he was a huge douchebag even before he outed Valerie Plame.