The Black Mages

Final Fantasy music fans rejoice!!! Nobuo Uematsu has released a rock album!

Apparently over the last couple of years he has been developing a rock album covering Final Fantasy battle songs. He performs in a full rock band called The Black Mages. You can listen to a couple of the tracks on his website and from what I’ve seen its really good stuff.

I’m almost 100% positive we’ve talked about the Black Mages on this forum before. They’ve got a number of tracks out.

This album was released last year, it contains themes from all the FF games except 3, 4 and 9.

Hopefully, the second album to-be-made will include themes from those games.

DG, is that 3j or 6j?

If 6j…then Zeta is sad.

No, they have teh battle theme from 6 as well, and the boss theme too.

I’m not too crazy about these mixes. I was kind of hoping for more or less the same song only played a little faster and more “rock-y”. But they didn’t turn out too great I think.

PJ, you don’t bother reading the FFC, do you? 8p It’s already part of our music database.

…Speaking of which, you should check out and add a couple of the new soundtracks to it as well. ^^; Not the ones that aren’t actually out yet, though.


Just kidding… Must’ve overlooked The Black Mages before. The fact still remains that they kick arse, and I am now going to go listen to their songs again…