the big question

my mate and i have argued about this for years who do you think would win in a fight bruce lee jet li or jackie chan-(just stuck him in for the crack)


what the hell!! How did you do that 984

He can do it because he’s THE 984. The ‘the’ part has godly powers which allows him to do cool stuff like change polls and shoot fireballs from his metal-plated arse.

Honestly, Bruce Lee would kick the others’ fucking asses, even if they teamed up on him. Chan and Li are good, but Bruce was in a class of his own.

I agree with the guy above Bruce lee would kick some serious ass.

Bruce Lee would kick everybody’s ass. He created a martial art. Everybody else learned it.

Um… actually I would think Jet Li would beat Bruce Lee. Just from watching the movies.

But there are many people that could waste them both. Royce Gracie for one.

Bruce Lee is legendary. I didnt know what everyone was so hyped up about. Then I rewatched his movies. And I was just in awe. He’s amazing. And is probably the best martial artist of all time. Li is good. Chan is ok. But like I said, Lee was a legend.

Also, 984 isnt very good.

That probably depends if they have a martial arts competition or MMA. I dunno how good any of the Gracies are at “traditional” martial arts. But MMA? Yeah, I’d take almost any of the Gracies.

Needs more Tony Jaa

Could someone wip out the Chuck Norris facts for these people? :slight_smile:

The facts of chuck norris are greatly exaggerated.

Shhh, I just wanted the link :), since I lost it last time hehe.

No, sorry, no facts, but Chuck Norris pwns you all. Sorry. No question about it. He could beat ANYONE. Well, not anyone. There are three who can pwn him, and these are MacGyver, Rakdos the Defiler from MTG (because there’s just no beating the sheer awesomeness of a legendary demon with ‘the defiler’ in his name) and, of course, Sephy.

I acutally shoulda went for Bruce Lee, he really intrests me and his movies were cool.

Normally, I’d say Bruce Lee owns them all, but there’s one thing that can turn the whole thing around: are there ladders?

Bruce Lee will kill all of them. THE 984 will be the easiest for him to [STRIKE]rape[/STRIKE] beat.:dancer:

Well Chuck Norris has Thighs of Steel and can break off Jackie Chan head!

Watch this flash.

I knew Bruce Lee would win