The best.....

the best flavor of pie.

Gotta love the banana cream.mmmmmmmmmmmmm

This should be interesting.

Pumpkin, but if it has whipped cream anywhere near it, you can forget it.

Lemon pie << >> yeah I’m weird for saying lemon pie.

Poontang Pie ;p

Oh, that pie. Cherry. Seriously. No pun intended.

self made apple pie, or Space pie

Mmm…apple pie is soooo good. I wish I was eatin’ it right now.

Cherry is my favorite in almost everything, except here. For pie, Raisin takes the cake. :wink:

Apple or Cherry pie.

i don’t see how lemon pie is weird. I love a good lemon merigne pie, with or without the meringe, though favourite, I’m going homemade apple. nothing beats that, though some can come close.

I usually just say ‘Holy Fuck! Pie!’ and eat it, so I can’t honestly answer this too well.

I like orange-type-food though. Don’t know if they make an orange pie. If not, ‘they’ are fuckers, and should.

errr…I think you mean the pie

Let’s see… tie between cocunut-cream, lemon meringue, cherry, blueberry, rhubarb, blackberry, strawberry, and apple. I don’t like pumpkin though.

Pumpkin is my second favorite. With whipcream. Gotta love the whip cream.

And why is favorite red now?7:05
now it’s normal7:06
now it’s red7:07

Pumpkin pie is teh awesome.

Pumpkin pie is indeed “teh awesome.” Me likey very much. Tis very good with chocolate whipped cream on it, surprisingly.

I also like chocolate pie and chicken pot (pie :thud: ).

Raisin pie is my favorite pie. But Cherry is my favorite in everything else. Favorite ice cream, favorite fruit, favorite person, etc.

I know…I was just trying to make a bad joke. You said"…takes the cake," I said,"I think you mean pie.

Most likely cherry, although I do love many kinds of custard pies and tarts, such as tarte aux pommes normande (Norman apple tart).