The best thread in the history of this forum is

The locked thread by Xander.

I dunno, Sabin’s Thread is pretty good one, too.


I can;t really give it to you, sicne it was before even my time. But every so often, it’s brought up, and several of the Staffers have it saved in it’s entirety, so I’d give it decent odds it coems along sometime soon.

All you [stupid joe sixpacks](’s wibwooism ranting thread/page_1.html) don’t even know the glory that was the Sabin’s wibwooism ranting thread.

I remember Sabin. That was one hell of a boleshivk.

I dunno, I really enjoyed “Eat the Hippo!”, “Entertain me, my subservient minions” and “A tribute to IE-Jabricruds.”

You know, every year when the Sabin thread is posted, I read it and try to figure out if it was all an account or if he was really that stupid.

I think it gets posted multiple times per year. Or my memory is malfunctioning.

edit: GAP’s post was awesome though :stuck_out_tongue:

We need more Jabricruds threads around here.

Comedy goldmine. Anyone have the thread where Gafgarion went nuts?

(Gee, I kinda had the general idea that X had something against me back then, but, uh, when did I spout racist lines?)

I’ll admit any of the threads by that Quina fellow made for some fun reads too.

Jabricruds, peace be upon him, was a true visionary.

Eat the hippo, definitely.

links plz k thx

Quina and Quina-like threads always made for entertaining reading.

Yea, anyone got a link to the giant Quina thread where he wanted to become a game maker?

You asked?

I hereby designate any thread where someone has a Great Idea, and their response to “No, it won’t work” is “Wait, I have an even better idea!” and they ignore all actual posts telling why they don’t work to be a Quina Thread.

EDIT: Oh, and this is the thread right after that one in the search results.

I want to see this quote* by Sorcerer in an rpg.

*Hope fills people with lies. People hope that their lives will get better, and that it is all they need - when all that hope will ever get them is just more suffering and pain. Hope is useless, and to depend on hope as a means to escape despair just means you are setting yourself up for more despair. Hope is a falsehood.

Yeah I really found the Quina threads really interesting.

That guy was so… entertaining, would be the best term to descibe it.