The Best of Black Sabbath

I was in Best Buy this weekend and I saw this cd in the new releases. Being a big Sabbath/Ozzy fan, I was required to buy it. Turns out, it is one of the best “Best of” cds that I’ve ever heard. Every great Sabbath song is on there. If any of you are fans of Black Sabbath, you need to get this cd. Read this track listing.

Disc I
Black Sabbath
The Wizard
Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games with Me)
Wicked World
War Pigs
Planet Caravan
Iron Man
Electric Funeral
Fairies Wear Boots
Sweet Leaf
Children of the Grave
Lord of This World
Into the Void

Disc II
Tomorrow’s Dream
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Killing Yourself to Live
Spiral Architect
Hole in the Sky
Don’t Start (Too Late)
Symptom of the Universe
Am I Going Insane (Radio)
Dirty Women
Never Say Die
Hard Road
Heaven and Hell
Turn Up the Night
The Dark/Zero the Hero

This brings back memories. I got the Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Master of Reality albums when I was in high school (which are like the entire first CD of this collection). :stuck_out_tongue: Hand of Doom should’ve been on there, though.


Though that omission is my only objection to this track listing.

Damn. I forgot about that one.

I guess they did too.

I’m not one for “best of,” albums, but this one is okay I suppose. As it has been mentioned, “Hand of Doom” isn’t on there. I’m glad that they didn’t neglect “The Wizard,” though.

The Wizard is probably the best track on there.

I coulda done without Iron Man.

It was good the first 100,000 times I heard it.

EDIT: / Good point.

Yeah, but it’s the most likely unit shifter to the casual fan/non-fan market.

Please tell me they put the intro song to Fairies Wear Boots on there too (think it was Jack the Ripper or Rat Salad…don’t rmember).

Uhh, was it instrumental?

There is a minute long solo/intro to Fairies Wear Boots before Ozzy comes in, but that is part of the song. Other than that, there is no intro song.

It’s Jack The Stripper, which is the “intro” to that song. Rat Salad is a seperate track, which coincidentaly is the track right before that track on “Paranoid”. It’s a two and a half minute long instrumental with a drum solo. It seems every band was doing one of those during those years! (looks at Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick”)

And I’m not a bit fan of “Best Of” collections. I’d rather buy the albums that are good, which is practically all of them in Sabbath’s catalogue. I already have “Black Sabbath”, “Paranoid”, “Master Of Reality”, “Volume 4”, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, and “Dehumanizer”(that one isn’t too great). I want to get some live stuff by them!

i hate best of albums, cause you can usually find songs that you think should be a greatest hit that noone else will know abou cuz all they listened to was the greatest hits. like Metallica’s song Whiplash for example. Awesome song, but i’ve never seen it on a greatest hits album.

I thought that the intro was Jack the STRIPPER. I’m pretty sure it is.

You’re right. My mistake. I just checked my “Paranoid” album.

And bulletsponge… Metallica don’t even have a greatest hits album to put Whiplash on, what the fuck are you complaining about???

*edit: nevermind, after checking metal-archives, apparently Metallica have atleast three or four greatest hits albums! They all suck, though.