The Best Kind of Mint.

Is Vickimints! And it’s her birthday! Yay!

Cheers from her entrapment above the acid pool Whoo, go Vicki!

Hey Vicki, you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey Vicki! claps Hey Vicki! claps

Vicki rawks. \m/

headbangs gets whiplash OOH YEAH!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Vicki :smiley:

Have fun with it, Vicki.
Just for you, my sig dances extra!

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Yay! Happy B-day, Miss Mints. :kissy:

Nooooooo the pain, the pain…it’s hypnotic. I looked at it and when I looked away it was 5 minutes later! On another note HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI!!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Mints ^^;

Haaaappy b-day ^^

<img src=“”> Happy Mukday Miss Mints! Have a Mint Flavor Bundt Caik just in honor of your birthday.

<img src=“”> EAT ME, I AM MINTY!

Happy birthday to you, Vicki!

(Hooray for caik!)

Happy Birthday Vicks!

Cake, Pie, other pastries?

: Mr. Singing Smilie sings ‘Haaaaaaaaappy Biiiirthdaaaay to Youuuuuuu! Haaaaaappy Birthdaaaay to Youuuu! Haaaaaapy Biiiirrrrthday to VickiiiiiMints! Haaaaaapy Biiiirthdaaaay to Youuuuu!’.

: Mr. Blinking Smilie thinks he just lost his hearing.

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

gives her a Cake AND a Caik

Rescues Val from the acid pool

Places Epicgamer in her place, next to TD

Steals Nulani’s Smilies, sells them in the Japanese Toy Market

Busy busy busy! :ah-ha!:

Wilfredo Matinez,
local hero

Happy birthday! :yipee:

Happy Birthday Vicki,I hope you have a wonderful day

Happy birthday Vicki. Have fun in any parties you may have.

Happy birthday and all.

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff. I’m at work, or I’d make a sprite of Dizzy giving some cake.