The best essay of all time

Just utter brilliance.

I did something similar in a paper I wrote about Anonymous, last year. It’s cool to see other people had the same idea.

Just because someone bs’ed an entire
essay just to make the biggest rickroll
that has ever been done in history isn’t
that impressive. I mean, I think almost
anyone could come up with bullshit just
to have a hidden message; almost any
user on this forum besides GSG could
recreate something like that. Maybe I
aught to try a stab at it one day. Peace.

You messed up. The correct word to use there is ought, not aught.

The essay is unreadable though. At least his thesaurus was worth the money he spent on it.

I stand incorrect.

lol! The effort put into that is quite commendable, however, the first comment is right… “Never gonna get an A!”… more like an A++ :hahaha;

For anyone who thinks I can’t come up with one of these: You kind of
underestimate me to the point where I find it to be quite
comical. I mean come on! I don’t like you, you don’t like me. This
kind of thing isn’t even really that hard.

 You really can't expect me to be incapable of this kind of thing.  

Only an illiterate two-year-old would have trouble doing this.
Understand that it really isn’t that hard.

@GSG: I for one am sure you could come up with something like this, as well as many others in the forum. :slight_smile:

However, I believe that many people are undermining the effort put into something like this, after all I don’t believe it’s complete rubbish! The essay does have a proper structure and most importantly does make sense (it is quite inaccessible due to the technical jargon, for me at least :P) However it is a clever piece of work and I believe it’s not as easy as some may see it!

I love you helios.

I always thought this award went to Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”?

Butters has done it again.

I didn’t notice he was butters until you guys started calling him that. When did you guys notice?

Hey, I haven’t had dinner yet!

My essay was actually readable, and offered a social analysis of Anonymous as a post-modern community that was evidently worth an A+, despite Brown not even giving +/- grades.

Post is or shut up about it?

Dude, not on the internet. Talking about /b/ is dangerous enough, writing an analytical essay on /b/ is a death sentence.