the beauty of HDTV

It allowed me to see Liv Tyler’s mustache in LotR RotK.


The beauty of Swedish HDTV broadcasting technology made the 2008 Hockey World Cup matches look like ninja fights since both the players and the damn puck looked like they split into two due to a crappy signal!

And you have to pay for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Told you it sucked.
That, and jaggies. Jaggies everywhere on HD.

It sucks if you don’t pay for premium HD signal. Then yes, you get jaggies.

Ah yes, I’ve heard of these premium signals. The only HD I’ve seen without noticeable jaggies so far came out of 360s though. Even PS3s aren’t immune. And don’t get me started on DVDs, which I know aren’t HD, but look fucking horrible on HDTVs nonetheless. Or HD network television that’s about as highly defined as a free 20 second porn clip on youtube.

I’ll stick with my smooth, sharp CRT until HD actually starts to look better than it in a real my-eyes-are-seeing-this kind of way.

BTW, if you can see her mustache in HD, you can probably see it without. It’s Liv.

I rather enjoy my 32inch LG HDTV LCD.

You couldn’t see it on without the HD and it was from a dvd, so zing on both counts Hades :P.

That’s just weird and unconventional :open_mouth:

Either way, you’re implying the ability to see her mustache is an asset. The only person you’re zinging is yourself :smiley:

I think its hilarious.

I still think HDTV is only good for watching sports.

Fuck sports.

That’s going in my signiture right now. Thanks Sin!

And yet you posted in the hockey thread.

And I could say you’re posting in a video game website’s forums.

And you would be correct. I never said “fuck video games” though. All I said was that I think HDTV is really only good for watching sports.

And I think video games in HD are fine. It makes games look dramatically better if you have a machine that supports the signal. In fact, on the new machines, the difference is spectacular.

Yeah the 360 is really almost worth going HD for alone.

I think the PS3’s graphics are shit though. I don’t understand why they can’t equal the 360. They haven’t even come close yet. Have you played the new MoH? It looks like a PS2 game, in all seriousness.

Man I created that hockey thread and I’m scared of it now. I started trash talking and haven’t looked at it since. And I made some predictions that fell through. Although I did predict Montreal would bite the dust, and they did, spectacularly.

I’m still hoping Dallas wins two more games in a row though. That would drive home my point about Detroit being shit and I’d be able to laugh at certain people. It’s probably not gonna happen though. I didn’t count on Franzen not sucking. That took me by surprise.

I don’t know what you guys are bitching about. HD is more than fine for games and DVDs (although, of course, older material isn’t that awesome). And I certainly don’t watch sports. :smiley: Every time I look at non-HDTVs now, my first reaction is to think they look that bad because the reception is poor.