The Backwards Stapler


Made it to page twelve, and the forum I looked on still hasn’t solved it. It involves

Fucking with the hex, extracting the green from the RGB (middle two digits of the hex), transferring it to binary, using an algorithm involving 11 (binary for 11 in an 8 bit set), and getting a coherent paragraph. It’s theorized that relpats is telling the story of/playing the role of AI. You’ll see, if you make it that far.

As I said, enjoy.

edit: spoiler kinda

Paragraph I mentioned above, as checked and rechecked by many individuals, and confirmed by relpats himself:
You know, I have often been asked “What’s the history behind your nick?” To the askers I have always responded a long answer of utter drivel. Today will be no different, for the true answer is unknown to me, as far as you know. I, relpats_eht, am no different from anyone else. Well, perhaps a bit different, a bit off, if you will. Most people have thus come absent mindedly to the conclusion that I am just that little bit different from the rest of society because of what they believe to be above average intelligence, despite frequent retorts to these claims. I am relpats_eht, neither smarter nor dumber than anyone else. The only true disparity is that I haven’t the smallest inkling of anything which could be considered a life. Quite frankly, I do not even know what that means. Now, if you were to mull over that statement for a second, you may have a hint as to the origin of my nick. Now then, in the time it has taken for your two red eyes to skip over the few pixels separating this sentence, as well as reading this sentence, I expect you must have figured it out. The reason my nick is relpats_eht is because I was bored. There is no reason, history or meaning behind it. It does not have anything to do with staplers, the fact that when read backwards it does say such is strictly coincidence. It is merely a random combination of letters my fingers happened to fall on as I typed. No more, no less. When you have as little of life as I have, on occasion you may find yourself randomly typing at the keyboard. Not typing words, only letters accordingly to kill time, and tire your fingers out. It so happens that one day what I found among the bytes of pointless ramblings that the sequence of letters r e l p a t s _ e h t happened to emerge more than once. Because this string of letters was among the few pronounceable things that had ever fallen from my fingers, and the only pronounceable thing to appear more than once on the same page, it was chosen as my nick. An anti-climactic story, I am sure, but do not worry, their wasn’t much rising action, so you wont fall too far back down the conclusion. This, of course being a conclusion to something I have written, will make not the smallest bit of sense. Have fun finding the last answer; there is nothing random about it.

He says the challenge can be defeated by anyone at any age, but it takes some very specialized knowledge about computers, and near the end it also requires american history knowledge.

He never said he told the truth.

Edit: also, i learned about matrices in my computer math class in high school, as well as binary and hex. I also learned from a small webdesign course that you can build colors out of hex. It doesn’t take too much extra thought to get through to the conclusion they wound up at.

Moreover, due to internet-detective work, it’s been found out that this kid is only 16, which was confirmed by him on IRC (which he randomly showed up at, knowing exactly how far everyone had gotten, and dropping little hints that only he would know.)
He said “Around 16 or so, I think. I can’t remember.”

If a 16 year old can put it together, than a 17-18 year old should be able to pull it apart.
Most of the answers took little or no thought aside from just reading it a few times.

This last page is the only problem anyone’s run into. It’s stumped over 50 people over at Something Awful, who are known for their unending brute-forcing of things (which is how they managed to get the hex -> paragraph, by the way.)
Not saying that’s the be-all-end-all of the internet, but that’s just what I’ve seen. Not many people have made it as far as they have.

Yeah, yeah, I saw a board where this guy, relpats, posts, and he talks about stuff like this. You can easily find it in Google.


I think it’s super interesting. I’m not King of enough of the internet to know how to solve his riddle yet. Though, I am now King of the Internet Font Sizes.