The Avatar Contest Thread!!!!!!

Avatar Contest!!! Yipee!!!

well, how is the winner decided?

So, does this thread actually have a point?

Worst… thread… ever!!!

So is this gonna be one of those threads where someone goes “Ohhh, my avatar’s the best” and someone comes along and says “LOL, STFU, I PWNZRZ YOU!” and a flamewar ensues?

It will only go downhill, sayeth the false god.

:enguard: makes ready for anyone that posts libel against Sephy sure he’s not bright at times but maybe he just has a learning disability of some kind, or hes just not quick to observe things deeper or such.

… then Merlin says my old avatar is the best!!! Hahalolololllolzzz I PWNED J00.

There goes my one nutty post for the week. Excuse my poor 1337 grammar and spelling.

/me starts a flamewar with you.