The AniMix

Does anyone download parts to this project? It’s a part-by-part video release that is up for download at and I think it is pretty cool. No I am not advertising because I have no connection whatsoever with it’s making but I was just wondering if other people have downloaded it as well. Part one of the video was really popular (7000+ downloads) and the second part was just released about a week and three days ago and already it’s been downloaded over 2000 times.

So for anyone that’s interested, yes it’s a very kick ass anime music video :stuck_out_tongue: it’s set to a Eurodance CD and each clip is roughly 20 seconds long give or take and most clips are compiled of different anime sent in by different people and it’s all put together nice and neat. The Animix was how I found out about Witch Hunter Robin and Ayashi no Ceres and loads others cuz I’m still a bit of an amateur when it comes to anime.

And well i guess what I’m saying is uh it’s one of the best vids I’ve seen (part one and two put together is over 20 minutes) and was wondering if anyone else has seen it or is interested in it and would like to discuss. Or maybe no one has seen it and I’m coming off as a rambling retard and my thread will die quickly. But doesn’t hurt to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo, part 2 is out?
I love cable! :stuck_out_tongue:

For kick-ass AMV, get anything by VicBond007.
I recommend his Bebop 007 distro, Die another day and Shining Collection.

All very nice…

Hmm, maybe I should stop downloading AMV… naaa :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah part 2 is out I keep checking everyday and like nearly 2 weeks ago I was rewarded =D I downloaded both part 1 and 2 together and part 2 alone since I’m a freak. Can’t wait till part 3.

And I haven’t heard of that dude, I’ll check his works out.