The Ancient Evil Survives

OK, remember way back when, when I went on this vacation, see? And I was supposed to be bazck Friday, yeah? LAST FRIDAY. Anyway, my dad’s gallbladder failed on him, he had to be operated on, he returned home last week. But I didn’t, cuz my grandmother needed help around the house. So this past week I took an extended sabattical from my digital life. But I’m back now. So, yeah.

Poor you. Welcome back. Didja have fun? ducks

Sorry to hear that, how is your dad doing now?

Heya, X. Nice to see ya again. Sorry to hear about your pop, though. hugs


Welcome back X.

Yay, X is back 8D


So, anyway, what’d I miss? Did Manus get banned again? Did someone reveal they’re actually a girl? Did Sin blow up again?

Steve made a guide.

I freestyled.

Manus wasn’t banned, but SweetCookiePie got banned for flaming Charlemagne.

I excploded! BOOM

…okay, maybe not. But that;d be cool.

We got several newbies, several people died because they said conspirac- is shot

Sorc: Buh?

GG: That was stupid.

And Val, don’t be THAT sorry.

Meh, every now and then I just have to let a stupid comment out. :hahaha;

What, I freestyled. As in rapped.

I’m psuedo-staff!

Welcome back X, I missed you a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Wecome back X. Hope your dad gets better.

Well, y’know, there’s always insurance money >.>

But he is feeling a lot better. He DID have over a week to recuperate…