The "AFI Mystery" whathaveyou

Whether you like the band or not, you have to give it to them for throwing together one hell of a mystery/story/whateverthehellyoucallit.

They also have many things tied into their CD’s booklet art from “Sing the Sorrow” as well as the 10-13 minute video on their Clandestine DVD, which features the ‘full-color’ 50+ page booklet originally meant to be with Sing the Sorrow.
I find it quite neat that they keep their fans busy with this while they work on a new album. Pretty unique thing to do.

Edit: Kraken pointed <a href=“”>this</a> out to me.



Yeah, the thread started 2 days ago on their messageboards is already over 70 pages long.
Funny little facts:
The Toronto Star’s phone number is 777-7777
Clicking certain words in the unoeil site lights up other words, but after awhile they don’t light up anymore.
Clicking If on the unoeil site lights up others, keep clicking quickly and see if you can manage to get them all.

I’ll edit this post later when i find other stuff, or just post a new one.

Edit; Here’s a good chunk of stuff from someone smart enough to decompile.

I called the flower shop, but no one picked up…


Edit, apparently they are closed on sunday… I will try again tomorrow.

Call the Charlotte number and tell me what you get.


That got me something that sounded like… a train station, or traffic. Something was moving that was motorized. There was almost the sound of a man talking, but it was garbbled and unclear.

omg. creepy.


me too. it was creepy. and i will NEVER do it again.

So don’t ask me to later.


Here’s a summary thread:

Here’s the newest thread:

If anyone has any ideas, throw them out here.

Edit: apparently at one point, if you called the cell phone number, you’d get a phone call back. Most likely automated.
“it was a call back thingy. silent for a minute. then a musicbox-esque sound would play for a little bit. then it was done.”
Fucking creepy…

Edit 2: If anyone can get ahold of the Toronto Star Classifieds for me tomorrow, November 21st, let me know. I’m really interested in this.

Wow. A riddle on the level of a neopets plotline. Bravo :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. That was…weird. Sounded really garbled like it was underwater, or something. O_o