The Adventures of Elfmo

I made this. Everything was coded in C++, visuals are rendered using DirectX.

SG composed the music, dev helped me find some sound effects, and 984 failed. Oh, and if you can’t open the archive, you’ll need 7zip.

Easy, but that’s fucking beautiful, Epic :stuck_out_tongue:

And you better mention that in the credits.

I am currently masturbating while thinking about playing this.

Edit: I have masturbated while playing this. Once I defeat Evilor, I’m left standing in the room. Now what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bug, sorry, just try it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway! My game tied with the vote for the best in the class! I win a free dinner! Yeah, I rock!

And they liked your music SG.

I haven’t even played the game yet (but I will) , but I feel the need to remind SG to get A NEW SOUND THINGY!

Edit: I just played it. Good job guys, the both of you. That’s really neat. The intro theme could’ve used some work, but the OW is really neat and catchy. You really could do a lot if you got a decent font SG.

Re-edit: man the game bugged on me twice and just crashed right now :. Stability issues. Is it supposed to be really short? What was this game for? What kind of stuff did other people submit?

Wait. What tied it, Epic?

We knew that already.

Anyways, The game’s awesome. I love the text. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arg, it’s huge for my shitty dial-up connection. Maybe if I leave it over the night…

I can’t seem to run it. I unzip the file, try to run the EXE and get a fuckton of errors.


Pretty neat, I wish I could make a game like this. What made you go with the GBC graphics instead of other Zelda game graphics?

Probably the lack of original LoZ background tilesets.

Sweetness !! That’s a really neat game, Epic =D No wonder your game won you a free dinner… it’s fun =D

And SG… I know a good chiptune when I hear one… damn that’s some great CHIPTUNIN’ right there =D Great work, man !!

Good to hear! Glad my music was of help. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad they all (and you all) enjoy it. :smiley:

Well, it was for a school project, so I didn’t exactly have a huge amount of time to polish everything up. Plus for the people it wouldn’t even run for, DirectX is incredably picky about running outside the system the SDK was installed on, basically all I can do at this current point is throw that dll in the archive and hope it will run correctly.

The game that tied it was one that was chrono trigger related, it was pretty good.

Yeah, 14 dollar steak baby.

Thats fucking sweet, man. Quick questions though, I’m contemplating taking game design courses at one of the few colleges in my area that offers them. Up to where you’ve reached did any of your projects have to do with making a movie? And second, how much art was involved? 'Cause all the ones in my area the first three months are all art courses. I was expecting maybe a few weeks of art and the like but not an entire semester.

Wow. I’m impressed, especially if you made that in a short time. A few areas for improvment, but thats totally in the realm of ‘needs more development time’ improvement, and probably the kind you’d have done anyway had you the time, so I’ll spare you. Very good.

Well, first off, the program I’m in is really acclerated, so every month (or 2 months in a few cases) I have a new set of classes. I haven’t, and I believe I don’t have any classes on making movies, and becides a single 3D Content Creation class I don’t have any other art classes, those are reserved for animation students. My program is more focused on the development and design (mostly programming), rather then the actual creation of resources. I do, however, have several classes dealing with how to implement resources into a program. I’d say design is more closely related to english courses then anything else.

I think it’ll be REALLY awesome after the … let’s see … the two hours it’ll take to download this. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: