The Adventure is not over

Some may recall my hairrowing tale of a life or death bathroom struggle:

No’one would have been happier than I to have that incident never repeated again, alack and alas that was not to be my fate…

I post this thread in the wee hours of the night as this incident happened only this morning, and I fear to sleep for what I might dream. This morning I rose from bed and began to take a shower. I shampooed my hair in my customary fashion, and reached for the bottle of conditioner only to find it empty! Perhaps the fog of sleep was still upon me and clouded my judgement, for I never once recalled the lesson learned from my previous experience. Before I relalized what had happened I had used conditioner from my roomates bottle. The full horror of what I had done struck me like the vengeful hand of God. I desperately groped for the bottle, hoping against hope that there would be a miracle and the conditioner would match the flavor of my shampoo. What I found was more horrifying than I could have ever imagined.

Not only did the flavors not match, that was to my shock the least of my worries. The shampoo and conditioner were of different brands, and made for different types of hair. A lesser man would have fainted then and there, but I took hold of my reeling body with an iron will. As I desperately attempted to think of a plan to preserve my life (And perhaps the planet) an evil darkness passed over my eyes and I felt a stabbing pain pierce me to my very soul. Perhaps this was the evil force created by such an unholy mixture working its will on me, perhaps I had gotten soap in my eyes, the true answer may never be known.

At that moment all rational thought deserted me and I became like a beast. I yelled my defiance to the unnamed presence attempting to destroy me, and lashed out heroically. Alas, I was wounded my knuckles most terribly on the mighty tile walls. Luckily, the pain restored some of my thought, and so, gathering all my strength and will, I plunged my head into the pounding torrent. Such quick thinking saved the day and I was made pure, though not without a struggle, as the conditioner was loath to give up its hold.

I stumbled from the shower, half dead from exhaustion and lay upon the floor. The enemy had been vanquished, but I feared the struggle had taken too much out of me. I closed my eyes and prepared to surrender myself to the night when I heard a voice calling me back, it was my roomate pounding on the door. I pulled myself to my feet and dressed, attempting not to show how weak I was. I attempted to go through with my day as normal and try to ignore the foul stench that seemed to be just beyond the range of my smell.

I make this thread for you know, not asking for glory, not asking for rewards, but only to warn you never to mix different types of shampoo and conditioner, best results can never be achieved that way.

Let that be a lesson to you young man, always check for traps before you go. Sounds like sabotage to me. Such a travesty would not be allowed by God without outside intervention. Watch your back Chuh.

I will never again make a thread when sleep deprived.

Wow. I never have trouble mixing brands of shampoo and conditioner.

Why not switch your shampoo with your roomates, then he’ll have to experience what you went through. It’ll be like some insane revenge for something that wasn’t his fault anyway.


Heh, that’s pretty crazy. I’ve never used both conditioner and shampoo, I didn’t know it really mattered. I have this crap my mom buys me. :smiley: