The 7th Generation Consoles: Elimination Round

I wanted to say hello to everyone here in RPGCLASSICS AGORA.

Here’s my poll:

Which Next_Gen Console would you buy and why?

The PS3 has that nice sleek look.

If the rumors are true of the Revolution getting a new NiGHTS game (or even the old one with a less polygony look), I’m getting that system.

I would buy the PS3, until now it seems like a sweet console and has some good titles announced + the features that it has:

Probably none of them, unless Sony releases some RPGs for the PS3. However, if that “play any Nintendo game ever made” feature comes out for the Revolution, I’ll buy one the minute it comes out.

I’ll probaby get them all over time. I won’t get the XBOX 360 when it comes though. I’ll probably wait until next summer, get one of them, then play that for awhile. When I graduate I’ll get another one and then I’ll get another job and get the last one after I move out.

Vodka Martini, S.N.S, you have such a great nickname.

I buy consoles for the games, so I’ll wait a while and see what interests me more, but I’m not sure yet. I don’t even play that much with my PS2 anymore and there are thousands of games I still need to buy and play. I’ll definitely wait a year or two before getting anything, in any case.