The 2006 NBA finals

I just wanted to know if anybody on RPGC watches NBA. It just so happens that my team is in the Finals, Miami Heat,
Give me your picks on who you want to win
you can also point out why you think so

Shit no one here watches the NBA finals this has been up for two days. The finals are almost over


Man, what did you expect? There are bunch of Europeans who took over this board and all they care about is that sissy sport soccer :wink:

I thought Miami would go all the way. Now, I don’t know.
It’s kind of sad seeing Shaq in his decline. He’s averaging 12.7 points and 8.0 rebounds in the series, numbers are nothing like the ones that carried him to three final MVP awards earlier this decade.


fucking agreed.

fuck miami, i’d rather see mavs take it… lol sweep
i lost interest when the lakers lost :fungah:

I think you americans need to give us some NBA right now. While Jordan (:swoons:) played we’d be like "hope they broadcast that game at 5 a.m. (recording games was too good for them) ". In the Lakers “all-star” period there would be some interest still. Nowadays we don’t care a straw.

(Not to mention the downhill of the U.S. team. That was the dream team for crying out loud!)

If your tourney isn’t the best of the world by far, we just won’t care. Now play some basketball!

Shit the series is tied 2-2 and there at miami next, I thought that mavs would sweep but now im thinking differently. I prayed that miami would win at home and they

Miami are taking it 4-2:hint:

OMG who saw game 5, that was a good game, Miami 101-100 in OT
and can you beileive that he called that Timeout.

Miami leads the series 3-2

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I called it Miami won 4-2, damn Wade is gonna win alot more

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